Friday, 28 October 2011

Last Day at City: 13 Great Years!

This is my last day at City University London. I've decided to take a career break and travel the world.

Almost two years ago my mother died and I promised her that I’d not work so hard (being an academic, especially at Head of Department level is an all-consuming activity). A year on and I realised that I wasn’t making good on that promise and decided on reflection that I should spend some time on me while I am young enough to enjoy it.

I’ve had a great 13 years at City, and working with David Chan to establish the Centre for Information Leadership has been wonderful. I’d like to thank you all for your kind support of the Centre and ask you to continue to support David who will be leading it to bigger and better things.

The Master of Information Leadership (MIL) will I am sure flourish, and I must say it was one of best things I did at City and I hope it plays its part in securing the future of the IT profession. I'll still be one of its main supporters.

I am not sure what I'll be doing once I am back from my travels. This will be something I will leave until my return (but from October 2012 I'll be open to offers...:-)

I have been made an honorary visiting fellow at City and I will be continuing to blog on matters relevant to information leaders (and on the previous MIL weekends I have been involved in). Of course, I am no longer an employee of City University London so the disclaimer I have about speaking in a personal capacity now doubly applies.

So watch this space!