Saturday, 29 May 2010

Blog Resumes

It's been a long while since I blogged. A combination of finishing an MBA, being Head of Department and various other demands on my time.

Now is the time to restart. Nine months ago I set up the Centre for Information Leadership, one of City University London's six interdisciplinary centres. I've become passionate about the need to have effective leadership in the IT profession. We need to use IT much more effectively then we have done so far, and we need to be able as a community to debate effectively how information and technology interacts with the legal, social, environmental and economic challenges we face.

As part of the centre's activity, I am the course director for the Master of Information Leadership: a new degree dedicated to educating our future information leaders (the term we use at City to cover roles such as CIO, CTO, Director of Information, etc). More on the MIL and why I think its central to developing the IT profession's role in society will follow in later postings.

This blog will resume the discussion of the links between the IT industry and higher education, albeit as part of a wider remit of the issues that information leaders face. It will reference work from City's Center for Information Leadership and elsewhere.

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