Sunday, 14 October 2012

I'm back...

This blog has been quiet this year as I took a career break to travel the world. All I can say is that the experience was in many ways life-changing.

It was also a strange experience to watch the effects of a major funding reform in UK universities from afar. I am not sure we will fully understand the effects for a long time yet.

I am still very much concerned about how we can achieve a productive relationship between universities and the information professions as well wider issues in HE management and policy.

It has also made me think think very deeply about how universities could better prepare students for professional life without becoming training factories (which would be highly counterproductive).

Now I am back, the plan is to freelance in higher education. So I am available for consultancy and interim roles, from both the academic and professional management perspectives.

I am also available to undertake assignments in the wider private and public sector to help them create better, more productive relationships with universities.

For details, please see my LinkedIn page (see sidebar).

PS. I have reverted the title of the blog to its original title which best fits its wider focus.

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